Obviously, this is not a real couple. We can’t even imagine someone not understanding that marriage means an exclusive relationship. Certainly, none of us would marry someone like Angela who expected to continue dating old boyfriends.

Yet this is how so many of us treat our relationship with Jesus.

Throughout Scripture, God compares our relationship to Him to the relationship of marriage. It is also how God spoke of His relationship to Israel in the Old Testament. Interestingly, every time God spoke to Israel through the prophets about how they committed adultery against Him, it had to do with the issue of idolatry.

We might think of idolatry as bowing down to statues, but the heart of it is worship. God defines worship the first time we see it mentioned in Scripture, in the story of Abraham and Isaac. Here, we see that worship is obedience.

Worship is not some slow, beautiful song; it is obedience. No matter how we “perform” in church, if we do not obey God in our daily lives, we are not worshiping Him and are, in fact, living in adultery like Angela.

How does this understanding of worship change the way you think about Christian living?

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