I’m so excited to form a launch team for my new book, Killing Kryptonite, which releases October 17!

For this team, I am seeking a group of people who are passionate about destroying what steals their strength and taking the limits off their life. As part of this group, you’ll help get the word out about the book by posting your thoughts and reviews on blogs, social media, and retailer websites—along with any other creative ways you’d like to share the message of Killing Kryptonite.


Team Member Benefits

Members of the launch team will receive:

  • A free electronic copy of the book prior to the release date.
  • A free download of the study audio sessions.
  • A special thirty-minute phone call with me during launch week.


Team Member Responsibilities

If you are a part of the launch team, you will be requested to:

  • Write a review of Killing Kryptonite on Amazon and other book retailer websites.
  • Spread the word about the book via social media, blog posts, and word-of-mouth.
  • Share ideas about how to further the reach of Killing Kryptonite.

We will be picking just over 200 people for the team so apply now before the spots fill up!


Apply here

Thank you for your interest in the Killing Kryptonite Launch Team. The application process is now over, and we will be picking just over 200 people for the team.

You can still help though! Here are a few ways:

  1. Pre-order Killing Kryptonite and get tons of free goodies.
  2. Encourage others on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to check out the book.
  3. Read the book and post a review on Amazon and/or other book retailer websites.


Thanks for helping spread the word!