Good or God? is more than a message.
This is a movement.

A movement away from the lifeless mediocrity of the world.

A movement toward a life filled with passion. With purpose. With Him.

You’ve seen what reading a book or being in a small group can do in the lives of the people you lead. But what if it wasn’t isolated? What if everyone in your church went through a single message—and it became a movement in your congregation?

That’s the idea with the church-wide study. We want to equip you to start something everyone can get behind. We’ll provide you with discounts and resources, and you’ll have a dedicated team member to help you every step of the way.

Here’s how it works.

When you run a church-wide study, you’ll get a discounted price on books and the six-week Good or God? curriculum. Need multiple sets of the curriculum videos? You can download additional copies at a discounted rate too. We’ll also give you promotional materials and a code to download the audio sessions, which you can share with your whole church free of charge.

With an order of 100+ books 250+ books 500+ books
Curriculum $75 $65 $59
Books $10 $9.50 $9.00
Curriculum Video Download $15 $12 $10
Curriculum Audio Download Free Free Free
Promotional Materials Free Free Free

We know every church is different. We’ll customize your study package to fit your needs.

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