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About the Alliance

Pearl Alliance is an outreach of Messenger International designed to rescue and restore pearls trapped in darkness. It is an alliance of all who are willing to fight against human trafficking. John and Lisa Bevere realize there is power in numbers, and that together we can make a difference.

Pearl Alliance connects individuals in supporting onsite organizations in Southeast Asia. In this one area, thousands of women and children have been exploited. Now is their time for rescue and restoration.


Lisa Bevere, a cofounder of Messenger International, spent time in Cambodia and Thailand, witnessing firsthand the brutality of human trafficking. Her heart broke for the women and children whose innocence was being stolen.

Upon her return, Lisa met with the board of Messenger International. In this meeting, she expressed her heart for women and children forced into human trafficking and how she wanted to be a part of their liberation. Months later, Pearl Alliance was formed as an outreach of Messenger International created to stop human trafficking.


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