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Sudir: A Rescue Story

My name is Sudir. I was five when my twelve-year-old sister disappeared. eight years later, I figured out she had been sold into sex slavery. Outraged, I travelled to Mumbai where I began to frantically search for her. Each day I went door to door looking for signs of her, but each night ended
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Dec 8, 2016

Kenya: A Prisoner’s Story Inspires Her Community

We are happy to announce that one of our field partners recently celebrated their first prison graduate! Esther is a Kenyan woman who was was released from prison a year ago after three years of incarceration. She had started Bible school classes provided by our ministry partners while in
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Sep 15, 2015

Update from Cambodia

Even before the 5,000 beautifully finished copies of the new Khmer The Holy Spirit: An Introduction books had been printed, they were allocated out to leaders and emergent leaders across Cambodia. Leaders drove in from outmost parts of the country to receive their copies. Elsewhere, missions
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May 8, 2015

Update from Thailand

Our visit saw to Thailand saw the launch of the Thai The Holy Sprit: An Introduction curriculum, the first multimedia curriculum distributed in such numbers to leaders and emergent leaders across the nation. In cooperation with the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand, these completed curriculums
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May 4, 2015

Update from the Philippines

The Tagalog Relentless curriculum is finally complete! I cannot even begin to tell you how much work and prayer has gone into this project, yet copies are now going out to leaders and emergent leaders in multiple church streams. Our teams have been passionate about accuracy and have worked long
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May 1, 2015

Myanmar Children’s Support

During our trip to Myanmar, we visited three of the five orphanages that Messenger International supports, representing a total of fifty children of various ages. I can only say that these are truly beautiful children, wonderfully taken care of, well fed, schooled, rich in God, and with spirits
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Apr 27, 2015

Update from Myanmar

A field update from Robb, our international director: Recently a Messenger International team traveled to Myanmar. Upon arrival at the airport in Yangon, our small team was showered with bouquets of flowers, baskets of fruit, and hand-woven garments from dozens of Burmese leaders and believers.
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Apr 24, 2015

Middle Eastern Refugee Update

Since last year, Messenger International has been supporting a church and group of refugees affected by the actions of extremist rebels in the Middle East. Here our international director, Robb, brings the latest update. For more information on this work, please click here. Friday, April 17.
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Apr 21, 2015

Cloud Library & Global Outreach Update

A field update from Robb, our international director: As of the end of March, we now offer 659 free translated resources in 77 languages through These include 244 translated books and 34 Bible translations. Here are some highlights from our recent data pull:* • The Farsi
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Apr 20, 2015