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2 Minors Rescued from Truck Stop Brothel

Truckers make deliveries from one town to the next while traveling the roads of rural India. These trips are often long and involve multiple stops. Drivers pull over for fuel, meals, and visits to the many roadside brothels where girls as young as eleven-years-old are being sold by traffickers
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Mar 15, 2016

From Trafficking to Transformation: Elsie and Ethel’s Story

Sisters Elsie and Ethel wanted to get a university education, but in their impoverished home country of Zimbabwe, only 18 percent of high school graduates were accepted into college. A friend offered to help the girls into the neighboring country of Lesotho to attend university there—but his
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Oct 16, 2015

Rescue: A Beauty Parlor Prison

It was a hot night in India as the team assembled for a raid. The operation director from The Exodus Road had worked with the police to collaborate on this joint rescue mission. Vehicles were in place to take the traffickers to prison, and a social worker was present to assist the survivors. At
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Aug 7, 2015

Anti-Trafficking Conference Recap

Thanks to the faithful support of our partners, we were able to help fund an anti-trafficking conference in Southeast Asia hosted by The Exodus Road earlier this year. Here’s an update from the event: THAILAND. The multi-faceted aspects of the fight against human trafficking call for a
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May 4, 2015

April Is Rescue Month!

This April, we’re celebrating Rescue Month! We consider it a privilege to work with people around the world who have dedicated their lives to the cause of freedom. Through the generosity of our partners, Messenger Rescue has worked with onsite organizations to see hundreds of women
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Apr 10, 2015

Eight Rescued from Cambodian Brothel

We love freedom! And so do our anti-trafficking partners around the world. We just received an amazing report from The Exodus Road, an organization working onsite in Southeast Asia, about an operation that resulted in eight rescues. Read on for more. Svay Rieng, Cambodia. A swat team raid
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Mar 16, 2015

Project Update: Those With Power

If those in authority are unable or unwilling to protect the vulnerable, it is difficult to achieve justice. This could not be more evident than in the fight against human trafficking in developing countries. Often the police and government agencies in these countries do not understand the laws
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Mar 4, 2015

Government Asks Our Onsite Partner for Help

Because of your generous giving, we have been able to provide covert gear to frontline investigative teams fighting sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. And as we have combined your support with the work of these onsite partners, we’ve also empowered the development of valuable relationships
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Dec 27, 2014

When Floods Come: Rebuilding an Aftercare Center

Through the support of our partners, we have funded effective anti-trafficking work that has rescued many from modern slavery in Southeast Asia. We realize, however, that ultimate freedom comes in the process of restoration that occurs after a raid has taken place. Aftercare is essential to a
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Dec 19, 2014
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