Before I began to write Driven by Eternity, I wrestled with this thought: How do I communicate the reality of what Scripture reveals about eternity to a generation who lives for the moment?

After several days of struggling in prayer, a thought came to me. I realized Jesus told stories to communicate spiritual truths to people. Thus the idea for the allegory of Affabel—a fictional story that offers a window to what lies beyond our earthly reality.

The allegory follows five characters throughout their time in the land of Endel. While there, they attend school to learn how to live in a way that will end with the greatest reward—life in the presence of the great King Jalyn. Upon graduation, each is given a certain number of entrustments to use for the betterment of their land and those in it. Their time is fixed, however, none of them know exactly how long they have. At a set time, they will be taken from Endel to the land of Affabel where they will stand before the king and give an account of their stewardship. Those who had lived in the faithful service of King Jalyn are rewarded accordingly, but those who had forsaken him are sentenced to spend the rest of their days in the land of Lone. Many are surprised when the king pronounces his verdict over their lives. Each scenario closely portrays what Scripture reveals about how God will judge us.

There were several moments when I was working on this story that shook me to the core. I was struck with the reality that the way we respond to God and His Word in this life won’t just affect where we spend eternity, but how. Scripture is clear that the decisions God makes over our lives will be eternal, meaning they will never change. The only time we have to influence those decisions is this short life we are given—and the way we pursue and follow God’s call in this present life will determine how He rewards us for eternity! That is a truly sobering reality.

After writing this allegory, I gave a copy of it to my oldest son. He came downstairs the next morning and told me the story had shaken him so deeply he wasn’t able to sleep at all. When several others had similar experiences, I realized we had to do something bigger to communicate this story to as many as possible. We hired screenwriters, recruited nine Hollywood actors (including John Rhys-Davies who played Gimli in Lord of the Rings), booked studio time, and recorded the story as a dramatic audio theater. We even had one of Disney’s top composers do an original score for it. The production came together in such a powerful way that some who listened to it have given away hundreds and even thousands of copies.

My prayer is that Affabel will have the same impact in your life as it had in mine. I will never view my limited time on this earth the way I did before, and after going through it, I doubt you will either. May we maximize every moment we have and passionately live out the calling God has placed on each of our lives. The world needs it. Our eternity depends on it.

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