I believe that with the power of the Holy Spirit and a cup of espresso, we can maximize every day. I love the rare mornings when I wake up in the comfort of my home, wrapped up in my pajamas—the mornings when there’s no flight to catch and no meeting to shower for. I can ease into my day just the way I like: slowly.

A slow morning is exactly what I needed after a few busy weeks of traveling and the big release of my new book, Without Rival. As I watched the sun rise over my backyard, cupping my fluted glass of espresso, I wanted to share my favorite recipe with you! If we can’t sit face-to-face sipping coffee together, at least we can enjoy the same morning essential recipe. But can I just say, I wish I could personally make all of my friends one of these?

So friend, curl up on the sofa and reach for your Bible. Sip on this perfect compilation as you invite God to refresh and renew you today.



With love,