kenyaHuman life held no value in my eyes. As a warrior of the Pokot tribe, my duty was to gather cattle by any means necessary. The more cattle we possessed, the more power we had. My life was a constant battle against our rivals, the Turkana tribe.

I held much power and commanded respect. My AK-47 was my right hand, and the lives it stole were less valuable than the cattle it claimed. Filled with demons, I was death’s slave.

But then God reached me and everything changed.

kenya_6140editI encountered a new truth that caused all demonic influence to flee. I was free from the darkness of plundering villages. No longer would I take lives to steal cattle.

But with this freedom came betrayal. My tribesmen didn’t understand me; I was viewed as weak and useless. So I was beaten … nearly to death.

My people needed to know about this life that I had found. But no one wanted to listen and without their respect, my safety was at risk. I cried out to God for answers. I found one in Scripture: If another Elijah—the prophet—could call down fire from the sky, I knew God would hear my prayer for water. Sure enough, rain fell after months of drought and everyone’s curiosity was captured.

Now I preach in the villages where I used to plunder and kill. I go into Turkana territory with my Bible and Messenger International resources in hand rather than an AK-47. I’ve laid down my weapon hoping past enemies might become future brothers in Christ.

Today, I embody the meaning of my name, “My God is Yahweh.” I have found purpose in a new duty—claiming warriors for God’s kingdom.

Your partnership is reconciling the apparently irreconcilable. Thank you for investing in forgiveness and restoration.