I’m Off To See My Sisters-My Wonderful Sisters of Oz

Today I travel from my Colorado home to friends that make me feel at home in Sydney.
Have you ever experienced the wonder of what can happen when all that is WITHIN you is embraced and nurtured by all that surrounds you?
If so you understand what I am referring to.
Colour is this for me.
It is my true north in a very southern hemisphere.
I go there to see my sisters, but even more than this– I go to learn to be one.

Colour is where I discovered some one more than a friend for there I met my sisters. Friends come from different families, but sisters hail from the same.
Sisters grow up together. They share one another’s triumphs and joys.
Sisters may even fight. But at the end of the day they remember they belong to the same family. Maybe you are thinking, good for you, but what does this mean for me?

Glad you asked.

Have you ever felt left out as though you are always on the outside looking in?
There is a reason for this. You have been marked for something more. Joining yourself to this world feels empty, because you are looking for the eternal.

But you belong. The Holy One anointed you, and you all know it. 1 John 2:20

You belong to a heavenly family.
You belong–the Holy One who placed his seal on you.
You belong to eternity.

So today commit to nurture that which is within you. Read and pray the word, worship and fill your day with laughter. Remember his house and gather with your truest family.