kenyaMy name is Pastor Rafael, and I live in Kitale, Kenya. This is my story.

The people of my country are held captive by lies:
men beat their wives to assert dominance,
women are circumcised to champion control,
infants are raped to cure HIV.

Everywhere I look, families are destroyed and lives ended before they have a chance to begin. Our humanity is sacrificed to our fears.

These lies take shape in childhood. I watched my mother beaten and belittled by my father, yet it remained her duty to serve him as her master. I never witnessed love in my home because my father didn’t believe in affection. I was taught that strong men don’t need to hold their wife’s hand.

This was my path.

kenya_6461_editBut everything changed when I discovered a new way of life. Through the resources from John and Lisa Bevere we received through Messenger International, I began to be set free from the lies that held me prisoner. But more than that, a relentless passion was ignited in me to see the people of my country free from lies. I discovered my purpose to train up others and bring God’s transforming truth to remote villages. And I discovered the gift God had given me in my incredible wife, who is now my partner in the mission God has given me. It is rare for a Kenyan man to walk side-by-side with his wife, but now I hold my wife’s hand as we walk. It’s one way for me to honor her and counter the lies my culture fed me. The teaching I received is completely revolutionizing my way of life.

Because I had been so impacted by these resources, I knew I could not keep it to myself. Initially, I would trek through the mud and rain to reach my people. Leaving at 4:00 a.m., I traveled over fifty miles a day on my bicycle. By the grace of God, over the last few years, I have graduated over 200 students in the villages I serve.

Now, because of your generosity, I am able to travel over 100 miles a day on my new motorcycle. I used to strap a TV to the back of my bicycle as I pushed it from village to village, but because of your generosity, I now have a motor bike. It enables me to easily carry the supplies I need to facilitate even more classes.

I am so incredibly grateful for the hope I have found, and I must extend that hope to those who need it most. As I do, our nation is transforming before our eyes. We are seeing tribal warriors transformed into children of God. We are seeing those in prison become prisoners of hope. We’re seeing marriages infused with love, honor, and respect. The innocent are protected as the lives of our young ones are dignified with hope. Thank you for investing in the people of Kenya. Your generosity has given us the tools we need to rewrite our story and reclaim our humanity. Together, with your help, we are rewriting the story of a nation.

Because of our generous partners, hundreds of thousands of pastors like Raphael in nearly 100 countries are being equipped with life-transforming resources like The Story of Marriage. As this year comes to close, we invite you to rewrite stories by giving a special year-end gift.