indiaMy name is Sudir.

I was five when my twelve-year-old sister disappeared.
eight years later, I figured out she had been sold into sex slavery.

Outraged, I travelled to Mumbai where I began to frantically search for her. Each day I went door to door looking for signs of her, but each night ended in hopeless exhaustion.

Then one morning, after piecing together my leads, I discovered the brothel where she was kept. By that time she was twenty. The police wouldn’t get involved, and her captors set her price at 16,000 Rupees (approximately $250).

If I wanted to save my sister, I would have to buy her.

I worked for a year to earn the money to free my sister from that vile place, but I was never able to forget the heart wrenching cries of the other girls I was unable to save. Those cries are why I have labored to rescue women and children for the last twenty-two years.

My sister is now part of the rescue team I direct. She works as a social worker alongside her husband, a lead investigator. Because of your generosity, we receive full-time salaries that enable us to perform undercover investigations and rescue missions alongside police forces. In the last year alone, we have rescued fifty-three girls.

The covert gear that Messenger International supplies has greatly increased our effectiveness. The evidence we collect saves girls and brings their captors to justice. It makes me happy knowing that God has called me to rescue these girls—young and old, each one is unforgettable.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue the fight against human trafficking. My hope is to one day see no more women and children forced into prostitution. Until then, my team and I will continue to fight for their freedom.

Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world. We know the darkness at times may seem too great to overcome, but the impossible becomes possible when what’s possible is faithfully done.

Would you join us by faithfully giving toward our ongoing efforts to end human trafficking?