cambodiaIn the late 1970s, the people of Cambodia experienced genocide at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. The goal of this regime was to eradicate every trace of intellect and spirituality. After years of darkness, this nation is awakening amid the rubble.

In September 2015, Messenger International hosted the largest Christian conference in Cambodia’s recorded history. The event impacted thousands of first generation Christians and church leaders.

Gary and Drenda Keesee, pastors from Columbus, Ohio, journeyed with us to Cambodia to witness this outreach first-hand. Here is a glimpse into their experience.

Q: Given Cambodia’s history, what observations were made during your time there?

A: The power of God is liberating Cambodia, and Messenger International is a forerunner in this transformation. God’s Spirit was tangible throughout the conference. The young joined hands with the old as they charged the front to worship passionately. It was incredible to see thousands reaching toward heaven, bellowing out familiar worship songs in their native language of Khmer.

Thousands were touched by the anointed teachings in main sessions and workshops. Testimonies of God’s goodness were in abundance each night.

Q: What was the most striking moment of the conference for you?

A: We met a man who brought his reluctant mother to an evening session. Although many of her children had accepted Jesus as Lord, she was adamant about her disinterest—that is, until the Spirit of God fell in the auditorium. She gave her heart to the Lord that night!

Q: What foundation was laid at the conference for the future of the Cambodian church?

A: The conference encouraged and equipped leaders, and brought hope and deliverance to the orphaned and enslaved. One young woman in her early twenties was suicidal after being trafficked as a young girl. But now she is experiencing Jesus’s redeeming love after hearing the truth Messenger International is imparting across the nations.

I was excited to see the materials we’ve sown into given to these beautiful people. Smiles were everywhere as they received resources that are so rare in their own language.

These events are changing nations’ destinies. Today, we invite you to invest in the global church by partnering with us to reach these emergent nations.