The Groom Comes for the Bride…

It was seven o’clock on a warm, hazy morning. Khmai wedding music and a sense of anticipation mingled in the air. Guests holding trays of fruit, meat, and other foods lined up along the dirt road. Leading the procession was the groom, Sopheak, and his family. As Sopheak waited to walk toward the wedding tent, Ali and her bridesmaids were inside, scurrying to finish their last-minute preparations. Jewelry, make‐up, hair, shoes—everything must be beautiful and ready for the coming of the groom.

It’s a compelling picture, isn’t it? What a stunning image of a couple in love, ready to commit their lives to each other before God, their families, and friends. But something deeper stirs in our hearts because this is a picture of Christ as He waits to return for His bride, the Church. Most Cambodians know nothing about this reality, but their wedding customs reference it with clarity. As we watched Sopheak walk to claim his bride, we knew that their special day spoke of a greater wedding feast yet to come.




Throughout the day, one word repeatedly came to mind: blessed. When we walk with God and desire His ways, blessing follows. Sopheak and Ali long to honor God through their wedding and their marriage, and it shows. For the first time in three years, Ali stood beside her father as she was presented to her husband.

Both the bride and groom honored their parents and washed their feet, asking forgiveness for past wrong-doings and praying that life and restoration would flow in the future. They presented each other with rings as symbols of love, unity, and commitment to one another. And they shared one shy, blushing kiss—a reflection of purity and hope for the future.

It was a joy to see the favor over Ali and Sopheak’s union as their friends witnessed their decision to do things God’s way. This is Kingdom living, and it has the power to influence many more couples and marriages, ultimately shaping families, communities, and the nation. Sopheak and Ali are leading the way. We pray others will follow in their footsteps as they earnestly follow God.


Thank you, from Ali and Sopheak!