Hey All,

I wanted to share with you an amazing testimony I received my friend, Caleb Wehrli. Caleb wrote me after recently returning from a missions trip in Cambodia.


“This is my friend, Saman. Despite his physical challenges, he pastors three village churches in the rural countryside of Cambodia.  He was happy to receive his free book!

Thank you,

Caleb Wehrli”


You make this possible! Thank you so much for your love for others. You and I may never have the chance to meet Saman in person, but we have been privileged enough to honor, bless, and strengthen his pastoral efforts in Cambodia.

With Love,

John Bevere

In a distant city we organized a distribution to local leaders. Specially invited to collect copies of The Bait of Satan, some drove several hours to get there. They came by all manner of transport: Truck, bicycle, motorbike, car, ‘Tuk Tuk’ (motor bike with passenger cab) and even on foot. Either leaders came in person or they sent others to receive copies allocated to their churches. There was a list and copies were only given to those groups named on the lists. Before I shared, thinking that there were just a few churches represented, I asked each leader to stand and tell me in one sentence where they were from and how many groups they were responsible for. This took nearly 30 minutes to go through all in attendance! They had come representing groups from multiple streams, denominations, and independents.

This was once a view of rice paddies and vegetable gardens, now it is just water as far as the eye can see. We later flew over areas like this and it is literally an inland sea bisected by lines of trees and the roofs of partially submerged houses. Please continue to pray for the people of Cambodia as they recover from the flooding.

I recently visited a small village outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It must have been one of the poorest areas I have seen in the country.

With many of the adjacent fields under water from recent flooding, people scratched a living out of what they could scavenge or from pigs and chickens raised in side rooms off of their house. I was told that the average villagers daily income was around the equivalent of $2 US per day. Their fields now flooded, this years rice crop totally underwater and useless.

Most people have very little, and those whose houses remained sheltered other family members whose houses and subsistence farms were flooded.

The lady in the red in the foreground led the meeting with a song as local ‘home church’ leaders trickled in while I spoke until around 25 were present. Once the meeting was over, I distributed copies of The Bait of Satan to the leaders who had attended. Their undeniable and evident love for the Lord amidst their situation moved me to quiet tears.