In Haiti, we are continuing our partnership with God’s Littlest Angels (GLA), a Haitian orphanage located in the mountains above Pétion-Ville. We are working with GLA­ to build homes for those who lost almost everything in the 2010 earthquake. One such home is being built for Vierge, a widow and GLA staff member.  The house was started just two weeks ago and is now almost complete.

The house has two rooms and will eventually be equipped with an inside toilet.  GLA has hired a great mason to construct the house, and a separate team will come afterward to install the metal roof.  More construction has been completed since these photos were taken, and the roof will be installed next week.

Vierge continually tells GLA how happy she and her seven children are with the progress on the house. They can hardly wait to move into it and make it their home!

This is one of three homes that Messenger International is building in partnership with GLA, and it is one of 16 houses GLA will construct in total. Construction on the remaining homes will begin as soon the Haitian construction crew has completely finished Vierge’s home this week.

Vierge and her family send their thanks to everyone who donated funds to the earthquake relief project!

Today 81 Haitian children awoke to the dawn of a new day. Having withstood the rigorous trek from Haiti to the United States, they arrived in Miami late into the night. Their adoptive parents who had traveled from across the nation tirelessly awaited their arrival as they completed the customs process. Once the children were released they were met by cheers and unbridled tears from parents who had dreamed of the day when they could hold them in their arms and know that they were finally home!

This would not have been possible without your support. All throughout this past week our Relief Team reported that they could feel your constant prayers. Thank you for recognizing the urgency of this tragedy and for responding with determination.


Caravan to the airport, making its way through the rubble in Port au Prince.


 Beautiful Haitian children from GLA begin the long journey.



After having seizures, Baby Rose-leura is stabilized.

Baby Rose-leura is the first to board the flight to Miami.


 Getting off the plane in Miami!!

Parents eagerly await their children’s arrival late into the night.



Children now safe in the arms of loving parents!


As we rejoice in the homecoming of these 81 orphans, our hearts burn for those who are still in Haiti. As you can imagine, the logistics surrounding an operation like this are numerous and great. At this time, we do not have the ability to transport another group of orphans due to the legalities and logistics. Each child has to have a Visa and proper paperwork in place to enter the United States. We will continue to assess every opportunity that comes our way and let you know if future developments or operations take place. Thank you again for your love, prayer and support.


With Love,

John & Lisa

Amazing news, the children and our Relief Team have safely landed in Miami! The kids are currently being united with their adoptive parents. A secure housing facility with all the necessary supplies has been established at MIA where the kids are being cared for until they leave with their adoptive families. One of the young girls was extremely ill and was almost unable to make the journey over, however she is now in good hands thanks to a medical team that provided immediate care upon her arrival. Through your prayers and support lives have been saved. Praise God!More updates, pictures, and possible news coverage to come.

We’ve partnered with God’s Littlest Angels to charter a flight going out today with 80+ orphans. The children will be united with their adoptive families very soon. Please continue to pray as we still have a team in Haiti that is working towards possible future operations. We will keep you posted as developments occur.

The work in Haiti will continue as these orphans are transported.

God’s Littlest Angels will be accepting more orphans as beds are available. Your continued support is greatly appreciated to ensure current and future orphans are provided with shelter, food, water and medical care.

Help is needed because the devastation is great. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Our Relief Team landed safely in Port au Prince; Aaron Ramsay reported that all supplies are currently being distributed and security is in place to ensure the children are safe. But, the need is still desperate! Every day children are dying as they await transportation out of Haiti. Right now we have one flight with 80 orphans chartered and cleared that will depart tomorrow, and we’ve already committed to the next flight that will transfer 80-100 orphans to Miami. However, there are up to 700 orphans with adoptive U.S. families that need to be evacuated. We have been entrusted with the opportunity to transport these children to Miami where they will be housed temporarily until the arrival of their adoptive families. But, these children cannot leave Haiti unless the jet fuel is paid for. We can put around 100 orphans on each jet. That is a total of seven trips. We are asking you to come to the aid of these children. With every day that passes, their safety is compromised. You have a chance to save lives. Please act now!

Dear Friends,

Our chartered Boeing 737 will be leaving today out of Miami, carrying 8,000 lbs of supplies and our Haiti Relief Team. As of now, we will also be aiding in the transportation of adopted Haitian orphans back to the U.S. Below are our urgent prayer points. Please set aside time today to join us in faith regarding this strategic mission.

  • Aircraft – Perfect timing for the flight to take off in Miami and land in Haiti during a very short window of time. Please also pray for divine protection over the flight.
  • Supplies – Once the flight arrives in Haiti, we have a limited amount of time to unload all supplies. Also, pray that we would have wisdom as to when to transport the supplies and that we would have clear roads and safe travel to the orphanage.
  • Orphans – God’s provision and protection for the orphans in Haiti. Pray that wise plans would be formed for the transportation of all adopted Haitian children to the U.S.
  • Adoption – Pray for all of the parents who will be receiving their adoptive children from Haiti due to the recent expedited releases. Specially, please pray for our CFO, Aaron Ramsay, and his wife, Tanya, who will be joining their two-year-old twin sons.
  • Government – Godly wisdom and clear direction for all governing authorities in Haiti and in the U.S.
  • Finances – Complete funding for Messenger International’s Haiti relief plan.
  • Strength & Wisdom – Please cover our Relief Team in prayer: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Thank you for combining your faith with ours as we steward this assignment. We will keep you updated as the days unfold.

With love,

John & Lisa

“Officials in the United States have cleared the way for scores of Haitian orphans to leave their earthquake-ravaged homeland…” CNN

Given this groundbreaking news, we must seize the moment!

Messenger International’s CFO, Aaron Ramsay, and his wife, Tanya, have been in the process of adopting twin boys from Haiti through God’s Littlest Angels (one of Haiti’s larger orphanages). Because of the extensive process, they have traveled to Haiti many times in the last 18 months and have built strong relationships with the orphanage staff and residents in the surrounding area. This connection has given Messenger International access to guarantee the relief will reach the most desperately affected areas of Haiti.

“While we’re grateful that our sons are alive and coming home, we realize other orphans will remain in Haiti who will not have enough food and water without our help. It’s imperative that we do all we can to keep them alive.” Aaron Ramsay, MI Relief Team.

Even though some orphans will be released to their adoptive families, there is still extensive need for the orphans who will remain in Haiti. Because the orphanage is facing a severe shortage of necessities due to the devastating earthquake, the Messenger International Relief Team will deliver food, water, diapers, formula and medical supplies to sustain the orphans who will remain in Haiti.

This outreach is not yet paid for. We are committed but not yet covered. Let’s continue to use our resource and influence to shelter the hopeless and restore lives. Thank you to those who gave over the weekend!

Click here to donate to our Haiti relief fund. 

John & Lisa Bevere


We’ve spent the last few days forming a strategy to provide direct relief for Haitian victims. The problem is not a lack of response but a lack of access. There are supplies waiting that can’t get in but today, we were given access into the country.

• Messenger International Relief Team will depart Miami this Tuesday on a chartered Boeing 737 stocked with 12,000 pounds of supplies (food, water, diapers, formula, medical supplies)

• Security guards will escort the team and supplies from the airport to their destination.

• The Relief Team will distribute supplies, provide onsite manpower, rebuild homes and provide prayer & comfort for those who are suffering.

Help us send them! Click here to donate, or call our Partner Relations Coordinator at 404-643-4142 to fund this project.

With hope,
John & Lisa

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Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy. Ps. 82:3-4, NIV