“I would love to be very gentle to my sister because, normally, when she is unlovely, it was difficult for me to

be nice and gentle toward her; but today I have learned it and I want to bear more fruit. So I will be gentle

toward her and all my sisters.”



“This camp helped me to understand that I am worthy. I have a purpose and I am special.

I now have a new outlook on life.”



I was very happy to help the flood victims. It was a joy to give, not expecting anything in return.

There was one widow whose house we spent a lot of time cleaning. We were able to share with her and she said she

would come to our church one day. 

This lady came last Sunday and accepted Jesus into her heart!  



“I want to be a good girl for God and my ZOE moms.”

– Saijai



“I received a lot of encouragement at the camp.  I learned about who I am in Christ and that I was created for a purpose.”

– Gey

Thank you for making camp possible!

We have exciting news to share with you about the recent ZOE Children’s Camp! ZOE Children’s Camp was designed to holistically benefit each ZOE child by focusing on body, soul, and spirit. Here’s a glimpse into the fun, empowering week:


Our friends at ZOE led the kids in a range of activities that promoted physical fitness, health, coordination, and teamwork.  They learned to play different sports like volleyball and badminton, and the physical activities were so fun that the children often didn’t realize they were exercising. The children also enjoyed healthy and delicious snacks that tied into the theme for each day.

The children also enjoyed time with their ZOE families.  Through study times and special activities, they grew closer and learned about biblical ways to treat their families.

As they saw the rest of the ZOE family (over 150 people!) enjoying the treats, they saw the value in their efforts and teamwork. The older ZOE children cooked special Thai desserts and shared them after the evening meal.

When camp began, the kids were given an opportunity to aid in the massive cleanup efforts for those affected by the Chiang Mai floods.  A team of ZOE youth went into the community to help local residents whose homes had been left uninhabitable by the floodwaters.

The prayers and support of Pearl Alliance and its donors helped make the ZOE Children’s Camp a huge success.  We love ZOE, and we’re so privileged to be part of what they are doing for the children of Thailand!

Thank you once again for your support. Your generosity and prayers provided a life-transforming week for these precious sons and daughter!

Take a look at how ZOE’s Children’s Camp promotes spirit, soul, and body well-being:


Body: physical condition

Children participated in activities that encouraged physical development and increased the child’s general well-being.  Sports helped develop hand-eye coordination, encouraged persistence, and promoted teamwork and fair play.



Soul: mental + emotional condition:

Throughout the week the children discovered their value through new activities, classes, and crafts. They learned about other cultures, acquired life skills, and made new, positive memories with their ZOE families.



Spirit: spiritual condition

The theme for the camp was the fruit of the Spirit.  As the children learned about each aspect of this fruit, the ZOE team was amazed by the way the children reflected on their areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

We are three days into camp, and it is shaping up to be a wonderful time for the children.

The theme for the younger ZOE children is the Fruits of the Spirit and the teaching will be by both ZOE staff and some of the ZOE ministry school students. The Bible lessons will encourage the children to learn more about their strongest fruits and how they can use the gifts God has given them to be a blessing to those around them.

The camp will also have times where the children will be learning Music, Dance, Cooking, Crafts and they will be doing some special refreshment days where they will spend time with their ZOE brothers, sisters and parents doing activities outside of the children’s home. These times are very important to increase their family bond.

The older children will also have some time where they will be encouraged to live out their faith and serve in their community. This will give them opportunities where they will not just learn to be better leaders, but also how faith and deeds work together.

In the past week, some of the markets in Chiang Mai (where we purchase supplies) have been underwater. However with the water now subsiding the final preparations are being made and there is much excitement building around the children’s home.

Thank you again for you support, we are so very excited that you are partnering with us for this camp and I know the children are going to have a wonderful time.