Three months ago, we asked for your help to fuel investigations into a major trafficking ring in Southeast Asia. We told the story of a girl named Sophia. Like many trafficking victims, she had been deceived into the false promise of a job, which quickly became a nightmare in a brothel. We told you that our field partners were teaming up with local police to conduct a major investigation not just into a single brothel, but also into an organized trafficking system. This ring funnels women and children across borders for profit, much like the transatlantic slave trade of the 1800s.


We asked for help to fund this investigative mission, and you quickly answered and gave generously. Now, we are happy to announce that thirteen Burmese girls are finally experiencing freedom from sex slavery because of your giving!


Working in close coordination with the local police force, our field partners successfully coordinated both the investigations and the ensuing raid. They recovered thirteen girls who had been trafficked from their home country of Myanmar and forced to serve in prostitution, hundreds of miles away in Thailand. Several of the girls were minors. The youngest is reported to be 14 years old, and a few of them had been held for as much as three years. One arrest has been made, and several more are hopefully forthcoming.


Currently, the girls are being processed within the after care community and are being assessed both emotionally and physically. They will eventually be repatriated or entered into a rehabilitation facility in the area.


This raid and rescue, friends, was a major victory for the investigative community. More importantly, this weekend’s rescue proved to be a huge turning point for the thirteen beautiful sisters whom you believed were worth fighting for.


For Freedom,


Messenger International Team