A few weeks ago I called a zoom meeting with some of my team to talk about an issue close to my heart: MARRIAGE. It feels like every time I turn around in this season there’s another marriage falling apart.

This time of isolation has been a catalyst for so much in people’s lives—good and bad. It’s brought things to the surface that would have otherwise stayed buried only to be uncovered months or maybe years down the road.

It’s my heart that people know that they DON’T HAVE TO QUIT in this season, that they can be equipped to build their marriages STRONGER THAN EVER even in a pressured moment like this one.

And that’s how the Marriage Unmasked online event was born. We designed this event specifically to equip women with the tools they need to build their marriages strong & beautiful.

Along with a fun, LIVE event on October 16, I’ve enlisted some of my friends who have navigated their own challenges in marriage to share in some exclusive Marriage Unmasked sessions covering topics like “Marriage Under Fire” and “Rhythms of Renewal in Marriage.”

I want you to know there is HOPE for your marriage, and I hope you’ll join us!

You can still get the early bird price when you REGISTER TODAY!



For many, the word “Christian” is overwhelmingly negative. They’ve had too many bad experiences with those who claim to be one but look so little like Christ. So as followers of Jesus, we are faced with a challenge—how do we talk about faith in a post-Christian world?I recently had a conversation on an airplane where I was faced with this very dilemma.

My new book Saints: Becoming More Than “Christians” just released this week. If this video resonated with you, I would encourage you to pick up a copy on Amazon or in the Messenger Store

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The Love You're Looking For

A short film about an unexpected love

So many of us lose perspective on God's heart as we go through hardship and difficulty. Have you? 

Watch this powerful short film and see if you can find yourself in the story.

If you got something out of this short film, I encourage you to grab a copy of my newest book, God, Where Are You?! where I dive much deeper into how to handle season of waiting. I really believe it will help you find answers to tough questions and will be a source of strength and encouragement for you as you seek to navigate tough times well!

How can we remain steadfast in hope no matter what our external circumstances look like? In this episode, John and Lisa share insights from the life of Abraham and discuss how hope can be developed in us.

“When we let the word of God come into our lives, it begins to write our future.” -Lisa Bevere