The Fear of the Lord

Discover the Key to Intimately Knowing God

What is the fear of the Lord? Why is it important? In this curriculum, you will be challenged to embrace the true fear of the Lord in your daily life. This often-overlooked and misunderstood truth will revolutionize your faith!

  • Unlock the treasures of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge
  • Experience deeper intimacy in your relationship with God
  • See more of God’s glory in your church, prayers, and personal life
  • Find purpose and focus
  • Share the secrets of His heart

Resources Available

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  • 8 video sessions on 3 DVDs (30 minutes each)
  • 8 audio sessions on 4 CDs (30 minutes each)
  • The Fear of the Lord book
  • The Fear of the Lord devotional workbook
  • Promotional materials

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Devotional Workbook

How To Use This Message

The Fear of the Lord curriculum is an 8 session multimedia curriculum. Most leaders run this curriculum as an eight-week study and meet with their groups once a week. You can also use it as a four-week study watching two video sessions per week.

To get the richest possible experience from this curriculum, we strongly recommend that each group member have a copy of the book and workbook. These components will build on the teaching in the video sessions and help students apply the truths they learn.

On this page, you will find downloadable resources to help promote your group. The sign-up sheet will help you determine how many participants will be in your group. To receive the best quantity discount possible, we recommend that you as the leader order your group’s books and workbooks.

This curriculum has been formatted for groups of all sizes. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Church Relations team at 1.800.648.1477 or through email at Enjoy the message!

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