With everything going on in the world right now, you may be asking, "Where is God in all of this—is He just standing on the sidelines, while I'm left to fend for myself?”

Here’s the truth—God is the closest to us during our moments of hardship and pain. He never leaves or forsakes us and He promises to turn every challenge into a source of strength.

To help you navigate what many are calling the hardest season of their lives, I want to send you a signed copy of my book God, Where Are You?! with your gift of any amount.

You gift will connect you with this timely message and help share this same message with millions of people around the world.

Stand strong, my friend. God is with you! 💪🏼💯

John Bevere

U.S. Only. Limit one book per person. 

Please allow 10 to 20 business days from your donation date for your book to arrive.

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