Light Up the Darkness

It's common for us to believe that in order for someone to be a Messenger, to actually change the world, they have to be a well-known leader with a platform. But the reality is, each day we have the opportunity to become and to enable Messengers all around the world who can make a difference. As believers, we are called to be the light in dark places. We have a mandate before us, to see pastors and leaders in every nation with Messenger International resources translated into their native language.

 As we equip Messengers, darkness is dispelled, and isolated people groups are able to access discipleship resources in their own languages. Some of which who have never even had a book of their own. This is why we must continue to fuel the flame and light up the darkness. Watch the video below as my dear friend, Addison Bevere, shares the heartbeat and vision behind how these translated discipleship resources are truly making Messengers.

Now, as we stand on the edge of what will be, we know there is more to do. At times it can be tempting to slow down or settle. But our passion to make discipleship resources available to every person, regardless of their location or financial position won’t allow us to relent. 
We must push forward because the finish line still lies ahead. We want to invite you to join us on this journey. By signing up for monthly giving, you are creating resources for leaders in Kenya, Montenegro, Brazil, and countries all around the world. Will you join us in lighting up the darkness?