The Story of Marriage

 Over the last few decades in the United States, we have seen marriage rates decrease while divorce rates increase. A union that once embodied Christ's love for His church has now been condensed to a mere legal merger. Unfortnately, we are not the only country experiencing this epidemic.

In this Messenger Story we meet Niki and Rosi, a couple who has seen first hand how divorce has affected the people of Bulgaria. Couples outside and inside of the church have seperated after facing trying times. They believe that Messenger International resources are the key to couples creating foundations that last.

While books can be seemingly insignificant in our day to day, we must remember the power that lies within the words on the page. The Story of Marriage is just one book that is changing lives all around the world. When we partner together, we are sending out books that will change more lives than we will ever know here on Earth. Your partnership is vital in spreading this mandate to equip believers around the world.
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