Every partner is a unique and irreplaceable member of the Messenger International team.

A partner is someone who takes part in an undertaking with others, and that is exactly how we feel about those who partner with us here. Our undertakings become your undertakings, and our mission becomes your mission. We truly become family. Jeff and Paula are an amazing example of what it looks like to join this family.

“My story started with a simple phone call to Messenger International for spiritual resources. I had no idea that the first phone call I made would become a deep friendship and support system for our family and truly become one of the most valued relationships we have.

When Paula and I became partners, it was immediately apparent that this was more than a simple financial gift to a ministry. Becoming a partner was more like joining a family with a mission. I know that whenever I pick up the phone, there is someone on the other side ready to encourage me, believe in me, and fight for me.

There have even been times when I have called the office right before I have a big meeting and they intercede for me over the phone (and off the phone too). Not only that, but the team is so quick to open up and share their lives as well. There have been circumstances when I have been able to intercede on behalf of the staff for personal difficulties and triumphs in their own lives. 

John, Lisa, and their team demonstrate the love, friendship, and teaching from God’s Word that is truly a rare find. There is a distinctive connection that comes from this partnership that can only be described as a Kingdom connection which comes from an intentional relationship on both ends.

Paula and I have now introduced this ministry to thousands of people and friends. Many of their lives have also been positively impacted and changed in ways only they could tell. We love our Messenger Family tons, and we know without a doubt that they truly love us too.” – Jeff

At Messenger International, we desire to see this deep level of relationship with every single one of our partners. Joining our mission is more than a donation—it is becoming part of our family.

We want to be here for you in every season of life and build a relationship that spans eternity! Please know that our phones, inboxes, and ears are always open and we are so honored to share this mission with you.

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