A21 in Southeast Asia

The A21 Campaign was established to abolish human slavery in the twenty-first century.  Since 2008, A21 has worked toward this goal by

1. Partnering with like-minded governments to execute programs aimed at eradicating slavery
2. Preventing trafficking through campaigns designed to reach at-risk youth
3. Rescuing those currently enslaved
4. Prosecuting those responsible for trafficking victims


We are amazed at what the A21 Campaign has accomplished all over the world. They have seen major successes toward the attainment of these goals in multiple countries and are now extending their reach to Southeast Asia. Their goals are as follows:


The initial cost to set up operations is $7,200. Ongoing expenses will be $19,387 per month.

Having witnessed the excellence of A21’s operations, we know that every dollar will be well stewarded for the work of freedom in Southeast Asia. Please join us in funding their first three months of operations!

Project Update

The First Five Months

A21’s Asian office has been successful in the first five months of its inception. Team members are on the ground throughout Thailand. With the help of your partnership, they have accomplished these goals: -The acquisition of hard equipment and assets, contracts, and a highly trained Criminal Intelligent Unit necessary to run an undercover Intel operation to help…
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Project Details

Country: Southeast Asia
Total Cost: $65,361
Project Partner: The A21 Campaign

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