Freedom from Trafficking

Messenger Rescue is committed to the restoration of victims trapped in the darkness of social injustices. Of the many outreaches under Messenger Rescue, there is a specific project for all who are willing to fight against human trafficking.

Freedom from Trafficking connects individuals with onsite organizations in and around Southeast Asia. With your support, we have the opportunity to see rescue and restoration in an area where thousands of women and children have been exploited.

Your partnership with this project goes directly to combating human trafficking. These efforts include the funding of: raids, covert gear, ongoing operations, aftercare provision, and awareness efforts.

John and Lisa Bevere realize there is power in numbers, and together we can bring an end to the devastation of modern day slavery.

If you have additional questions about how to get involved with combatting human trafficking, please contact our Partner Relations team at 800-648-1477 or email at

Messenger International is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your contribution over and above the fair market value of any goods or services received is tax deductible as allowed by law in the United States. Messenger International reserves the right to redirect funds to various areas of need.


Project Details

Country: Thailand
Total Cost: $20,000

72% raised

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To those attempting to give online:

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our payment processor and online giving is unavailable for the moment. If you would like to make a donation, please call 1-800-648-1477. Thanks for your patience and support!