Hope for Southeast Asia

General Investigative Operations: $2,500/month to Southeast Asia for six months

According to the U.S. Department of State, in 2016 an undisclosed country* in Southeast Asia was downgraded to a Tier 3 rating for its human trafficking prevention efforts. This defines the country’s government as one that does not comply with the minimum standards for prevention and is not making sustainable efforts to do so. With cultural barriers and corruption running rampant, progress has been difficult, but hope still remains. In the face of what some would consider certain defeat, we press on knowing that no challenge is too great for our God.

To combat the status quo for this country, we are sending an increase of resources to our onsite partners, The Exodus Road. They have spent years extensively working in this area with local police, paving the way to change not only laws, but also culture. We have seen hundreds rescued and their captors brought to justice, but we want more. These funds will go directly to backing investigations and casework to empower rescue throughout the region. Join us in bringing hope to a country that is desperately searching for freedom.

This will cover:

*Country name withheld to protect investigators.

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Project Details

Total Cost: $15,000
Project Partner: The Exodus Road

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