Save the Next Sophia

Save the Next Sophia. Help Bust a Major Trafficking Ring. 

Sophia was trapped on the streets of Malaysia. They had told her back in Russia that she would have a job as a waitress at a restaurant for tourists on the coast of China. They told her mother it was by the beach, and that Sophia would be able to send over $300 USD home every month and still have enough to live comfortably herself. She and her mother had dreamed of sending her younger brother to school and maybe even buying a train ticket home every few years.

Sophia and her mother trusted them, with their papers and their promises, and so, Sophia packed bags and hugged her goodbyes.

The 16 year-old knew something was dreadfully wrong, however, when the driver refused to provide her passport or a decent meal, despite her many requests. Fear sunk further as she crossed through southern China, then Laos, then Thailand’s borders, only to find herself beaten, hungry, and terrified, delivered with two other fair-skinned girls to a pimp in a local red-light district in northern Malaysia.

Three long weeks from her mother’s goodbye, Sophia found herself in a foreign country without a passport or cell phone, forced into prostitution to pay a debt of $6,000 USD the pimp said she owed him. She had done the math–she knew she’d never see the beach, never send a paycheck back home, and probably never see her mother again.

Sophia was a teenager, and she was trapped in the hell on earth that is sexual slavery. She had fallen victim to not just a local pimp, but rather she had become a pawn in an organized crime ring that regularly deceived young Russian girls, shuttled them through a series of bribes and connections south across borders, and into Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia–where having sex with a white-skinned prostitute was a high commodity, bringing the pimps and traffickers high pay-outs.


It’s not often that the average person gets to literally play a role in busting a major crime syndicate overseas.

It’s not typical for most of us to actually empower high-level investigations into a human trafficking system that spans at least three countries.

But seriously fighting for God’s justice can lead us all places neither average nor typical.

We have the opportunity to fuel an investigative effort into a crime ring, like the one that entrapped Sophia. This particular system of trafficking from Eastern Europe into Malaysia is a well-oiled machine that will take great resources and collaborative efforts to battle and bring down. The local government and an investigative team in the field have asked for funds to gather key evidence in their second stage of investigations into this crime syndicate. Prayerfully, the teams will gather enough evidence to build a case against the key players involved– from Russia, through China, into Thailand, and into Malaysia. The unique thing about this case is that the local government believes so greatly in its importance that they are willing to invest a large portion of their limited budget into the pursuit of it. And we have been invited to help.

The total cost of phase two of this investigation is $12,000. This will cover the travel/lodging/investigative expenses for the team gathering evidence. The local government has agreed to match the funds of this project, so all that is needed is $6,000.

While every single arrest and rescue matters greatly and signifies God’s hand of justice, gathering evidence against a major crime ring like the one that ensnared Sophia would be a major blow to the lucrative system that trafficking as a whole has become in Southeast Asia.

Perhaps we’ll be able to rescue the Sophia today, but with a successful case of this magnitude, we’ll definitely be able to save hundreds of Sophia’s in the future.

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13 Girls Rescued in Thailand

Three months ago, we asked for your help to fuel investigations into a major trafficking ring in Southeast Asia. We told the story of a girl named Sophia. Like many trafficking victims, she had been deceived into the false promise of a job, which quickly became a nightmare in a brothel. We told you that…
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Country: Southeast Asia
Total Cost: $6,000
Project Partner: The Exodus Road

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