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ways to Win at Home

Hosted by John & Lisa Bevere

Two nights on building a healthy, holy & fun family

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So, how DO you build a healthy, holy & fun family...?

If you look at culture right now, it’s no secret that families are under attack.

With so many families struggling, we want to equip you to build a healthy, holy, and fun family.

That’s why we'll be hosting a 2-night online event called Ways to Win at Home on January 25-26, where we’ll be opening up our home and talking all things family.

We are certainly not experts, but having raised four children who are now faithfully serving God as adults, we get a lot of questions on how we did it. In the Ways to Win at Home online event, we want to share the things we’ve learned over the years with you—and invite you into our home for a family discussion on how to do family well.

We can’t wait to see you in the Win at Home event on January 25 & 26. Sign up today to lock in your spot!

—— John & Lisa Bevere
John & Lisa Bevere

Who's Teaching?

John & Lisa Bevere

John & Lisa Bevere

John & Lisa Bevere

John and Lisa Bevere have been partners in crime for over four decades, and are having more fun than ever. With four adult boys, three daughters in love, and five g-babies, they are loving the joys and challenges of an ever-expanding family—and are passionate about sharing what they’ve learned on this messy but rewarding journey!

Addison & Julianna Bevere

Addison & Julianna Bevere

Addison & Julianna Bevere

Addison and Juli Bevere have nearly 15 years of life together and four amazing kiddos, ranging from 12 to 5, to show for it. They enjoy living with purpose and perspective as they press into what God has for them through it all. They’re firm believers that discipleship starts in the home and are passionate about creating a home environment that integrates faith and everyday life.

Arden & Christian Bevere

Arden & Christian Bevere

Arden & Christian Bevere

Arden & Christian Bevere have been married for three years and are learning to navigate the early season of marriage and life together. They help lead the Sons & Daughters ministry and are passionate about equipping the next generation to fulfill their purpose and step into the adventure God has for them!

Alec Bevere

Alec Bevere

Alec Bevere

Alec Bevere is the third of four boys and a creative at heart. Constantly pushing the envelope, he loves producing films and finding unique ways to impact the world around him. Arguably the most competitive amongst his brothers (a title they are still duking it out over), he’s always looking for ways to outwit them—especially in card games.

You've got questions?
We've got answers.

Q: When is the event?

A: The livestream of this event will be January 25 & 26th, 7–8pm CST each night.

Q: What is the cost to join?

A: We wanted to make this event available to everyone regardless of your budget, so we are making this a donation-based event. You can register and get full access for your donation of any amount, whether that’s $5, $35, or any other amount God puts on your heart.

Q: How will I get access to the sessions?

A: We will send everyone who registers an exclusive link to join the sessions live, as well as a recording of the sessions after the fact in case you missed it or want to rewatch.

Q: What topics will you be addressing each night?

A: We’ll be covering a wide array of topics, including parenting through different seasons, building a healthy family culture, teaching your kids their identity in Christ, discipline and boundaries, working through conflict, building memories, and navigating the challenges of our world today, to name a few.
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Join us for two nights on building a healthy, holy & fun family.

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