Unlock the power of this forgotten virtue in John Bevere's latest book.

Release God's kingdom into all aspects of life

No Christian wants to place limitations on God, but many of us unknowingly restrict His activity in our lives because we ignore a critical spiritual principle: Honor. 
It's a concept largely lost in our culture, but as you'll see in the pages of this book, it is core to releasing God's kingdom into all aspects of life.
In Honor's Reward, best-selling author John Bevere unveils how embracing the call to honor aligns you with God's value system and positions you to receive all he has for you.

About John Bevere

John is an international speaker and best-selling author who's known for his bold and uncompromising approach to God’s Word. Over more than three decades in ministry, John has developed a passion to embrace God's call to the often forgotten and misunderstood virtue of honor and to instill the same desire in others. In this book, John shares compelling principles on how to live in a way that honors everyone—whether they are your authority, your peer, or entrusted to your care.

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